Russsian Blockchain Week

If you intresting Digital Economy, Blockchain, Listing and IEO. You must will be at biggest blockchain events in Europe this 2019 year

16-17/10 Blockchain Life, Moscow 6000 attendees, Top 30+ Exchanges, 100+ Funds & investors, 100+ Exhibitors & Projects, 500+ Developers, 200+ traders

Eurasian Forum of Innovation and Digital Economy, October, 18-20th - Saint-Petersburg, Regulation in Russia for Digital Economy, Blockchain and Crypto, Top 10 IT Universities in World: ITMO, Polytechnic University, Saint-Petersburg State University, over 200 000 students, Technopark -more than 100 Innovation projects, 70 000 developers and many more.

23-27/10 G20Y Summit, Switzerland, Hotel Royal - Evian Resorts, France

5-7/11 Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, Malta 7000 attendees, Top European speakers, 100+ funds & investors, 150+ exhibitors, 100+ projects.

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About us

Invest show is a team of professionals who have above 15 years of working experience with Asia (China, Korea, Singapore, Japan) and successful cases with different projects for a year. We are working in collaboration with top Asian funds and community leaders to help only the best projects to spread their influence onto Asian market. Our service includes: Establishing connection with Chinese Top Funds and leading industry resources. Establishing connection with Chinese top medias. √ Establishing connection with academic and developers communities. √ Expanding Chinese marketing and building Chinese communities. Starting from road show itself we can also assist you through the whole period of developing you products and help you to find right and reliable partners for your startup to become well-known international project.

Invest Show

Europe and Asia market

1. Materials translation and market adoption

2. WeChat community building and expanding

3. Media coverage

4. Road show planning

5. Establishing partnership with local industry leaders

6. Attending best events and conferences across Asia

7. Personal meetings with investors

8. Private meet-ups and dinners with VC, institutional and retail investors and industry experts

9. Investors follow-up

10. Connecting with top Asian exchanges and listing service

Road show

Our Road show package includes not only meet-ups but also:

We will advise you how to make your product more attractive for Asia market and help you to package it

PR through our 50 thousands people WeChat community to make your project famous before road show

Advise how to make right media strategy and further business development

Create your own community in WeChat for up to 3000 people (7-8 group for 500 people)

Assist you to follow up all the investors who you meet during your visit in China

Introduce you to all of the top exchange in China and make you the best recommendation

Legal solution

Development of the Tax and Legal requirements

Legal description

Legal opinion

Analyze of the target jurisdictions basing on your needs Legal entity or foundation incorporation

White paper creation (including the user friendly infogrаphic in the colours of your brand)

Drafting of the terms and conditions

Drafting of the privacy policy

Community Operation

Investors Community

Clear communication- Have a further discussion about projects in the group to make it clear

Progress Update - Keep major progress and bullish news update to attract the investors.

Individual Investors Community

Establish WeChat communities

Crating individual private introduction groups with investors Set up community administrators to maintain order.

Continuously generate and publish original topics daily

Manage community growth, promotion, and retention

Hold online roadshows in the WeChat groups

Online service package

During the bearish market the most important is to reduce expenses and make the promotion of you project in the most effective way: to establish the infrastructure in China, get partners, clients and fans and make it the most attractive for investors. Always stay connected with investors means that once the decide to invest your project will be their first choice Our content: Investors Connection Exclusive time with investors - we can arrange your time in China and schedule you private meetings with top investors and community leaders according to your need. Right match for fundraising - we analyze investors sphere of interests and give them our personal recommendations on your project to increase the chance of project fundraising Experienced bridge between China an the world -we have experienced interpreters and marketing professionals to escape language barrier and cultural gap

Listing and IEO to Exchanges

Our successful long term road show experience allows us to provide professional listing service at the most popular exchanges around the globe preferably in Asia for the most reasonable price. Please keep a note! The exchanges mentioned below are picked by our personal choice based on their reliability and effectiveness, although we do not rate any of exchange and you are free to choose by your own preferences. We can also provide you with the listing service on any other exchange upon request The fees mentioned below are not final. The listing fee is decided by exchange and it can vary essentially. Every exchange has its own requirements for the project to be listed. The price is not fixed and depends on the general quality of the project, amount of community, usability etc. Every exchange has prepayment conditions but we do NOT charge if the exchange refuse to list a token. In case that the exchange delists any token after the period of time for some reason the listing fee can’t be refunded. Our mission is to give your project good recommendations and apply for the best conditions from exchanges based out our personal long term cooperation relationship.


Invest show


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Community Operation


You must will be at biggest blockchain events in Europe this 2019 year

Listing & IEO at Exchanges


Our partners

500+ Funds

500+ Funds

Institutional Funds, Venture Funds, Family office, Cryto Funds
50+ Projects

50+ Projects

Listing & IEO, Road show, Media, Marketing & PR
100+ Events

100+ Events

Blockchain and Digital Economy Forum in Europe and Asia

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